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Zoho Assist Review | The Trustworthy Remote Support Software | Sign Up Free


Zoho Assist is an all-in-one remote desktop software solution that provides exceptional security and helps businesses because of its comprehensive features and affordable plans. It is also known to be a remote support software with unattended access with a separate billing plan easily accessible from a single dashboard. 

The all-inclusive features help resolve customer issues quickly and manage a group of computers remotely. With the help of a strong internet connection, you can transfer large files, reboot, and reconnect without terminating the session from anywhere in the world. All scalable plans can be customized with third-party application integration setting user privilege and assigning department-wise settings.   

What is Remote Support Software?

Remote system access software is a platform where two or more devices can be connected irrespective of their location. The platform is important for offsite device access, remote technical support, other online collaboration, and educational courses. Remote PC access systems can be on-premises solutions but cloud-based platforms are more convenient for secured connections. An excellent remote support software provides secure connectivity with prime features like session recording, file sharing, drag, and drop file transfer, remote reboot, remote printing, VoIP, and more. 


What is Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based customer support tool useful to access and manage remote PCs, mobile devices, and servers from another location so that it is easy to troubleshoot customer issues or work on remote machines. With this, Zoho Assist provides more than just remote support in addition to unattended access. It works great for teams with various business functions on a single comprehensive platform. Zoho can be integrated with other third-party applications like Slack, Google Workspace, Spiceworks, Zendesk to an extended solution. Simply stated, Zoho Assist is an ideal pick for businesses that need remote support and unattended access from one intuitive user interface.

Zoho Assist – How to use it?

Zoho Assist initial setup of remote support technicians and the customers can be done with a quick download and installation in a few minutes. You can start with a 15 day free trial without any credit card details required. You can easily sign up using your email address and password or simply log in using your Google credentials. 


Once you log in to your account, you find your dashboard with Remote Support, Unattended Access, Reports, and Settings on the top menu. You can also see your department name on the right top menu. 

On the Home menu, you can access your customer’s screen to solve any issue by entering the customer’s email address or schedule access for later. You also have an option to “Share My Screen”. 

The dashboard also shows the sessions that have taken place, previous session history, and favorite session if any added. The left pane also lists Contacts and Service Queue.  


Unattended Access allows you to access the computer without the need for your customer to be present at the other end, enabling you to provide unattended technical support at any time. 


The Reports section shows you any session that has been saved for the last seven days, 30 days, 180 days, or any day for that matter.  


Zoho Assist Features Overview

Zoho Assist, a remote desktop software provides many valuable features with tiered pricing plans that have variable elements. It is better to check on the features that are available on the respective plans before subscribing. Below are the best features of Zoho assist,

Remote Support

Remote support sessions let you connect to anyone remotely without any prior installation. Your remote customer can join the session in a few minutes. An on-demand or remote support is important if you are a customer support member or MSP.

Unattended Remote Access 

Unattended remote access needs advanced installation of a lightweight agent on remote servers and computers that is to be managed. Once the remote agent is installed, you can connect to it and work on the computers at any time. 

Screen Sharing

Remote Meeting allows you to hold online meetings and presentations by letting you share your screen with your participant. Zoho assist is the best choice if you are looking for a platform to host meetings, training sessions, or presentations.


Zoho Assist provides a web-based solution with an orderly user interface. SSL certification and compatibility with all major anti-virus software are the two-factor authentications for robust security. You can start a session in no time without waiting for your customer to change their proxy or firewall configuration.


Zoho Assist comes with an intuitive and systematic user interface to make sure that setting up and managing your account is not a tough job. You can easily work on creating email templates, managing your technicians, configuring email addresses, fetching on-demand reports, or rebranding your account, using the browser or desktop apps.


Zoho Assist integrates with top-notch Service Desk, Help Desk, and CRM solutions. To work on various solutions, Zoho Assist is enabled with remote support and remote access functionality integration into your business workflow, with Zoho Assist API.


Zoho Assist Pricing

The pricing plan of Zoho Assist is divided into two types that are further divided into more sub-plans. Pricing for each main category is based on the available features which are variable. Zoho provides a volume discounts calculator that indicates the amount saved. On the whole, small businesses can save up to 15% with annual billing for the listed pricing. 


Zoho Assists offers a 15-day free trial useful for hybrid remote employees who can use their free plan to check on accessing remote devices and conduct business. The Free Plan includes Zoho desk and SalesIQ integration accessible to one technician, access to five unattended computers, clipboard sharing, instant chat, user management, and organizational roles. 

Remote Support is divided into,

STANDARD Plan – Rs.400 per month/1 technician billed annually. Features include all available in Free plan plus file transfer, screen capture, session transfer, reboot-reconnect, multi-monitor navigation, ability to conduct two parallel sessions, and Zendesk integration. 

PROFESSIONAL Plan – Rs.600 per month/1 technician billed annually. Features comprise all included in Standard Plan with an additional session schedule, mobile functionality, session notes, screen sharing, advanced reports, custom email templates, and the ability to hold four simultaneous sessions.

ENTERPRISE Plan – Rs.960/month/technician billed annually. Includes all features from Professional Plan with the addition of session recording, multiple department support, session audits, service queue, remote printing, contact management, voice and video chat, custom domain mapping, customer widget, and capability to hold six sessions simultaneously. 

Next, Unattended Access is split into,

STANDARD Plan – Billed at Rs.400 for 25 unattended computers for unlimited technicians when billed annually. Features comprise group permissions, computer grouping, file transfer, wake-on-LAN, bulk deployment, remote power options, custom reports, and email templates, multi-monitor navigation, screen capture, and mobile apps for technicians. 

PROFESSIONAL Plan – Billed at Rs.600 for 25 unattended computers for unlimited technicians when billed annually. Features include annotation, session recording, diagnostic tools, remote print, departments, voice and video chat, custom domain mapping, advanced reports, and mobile and IoT devices.

Zoho Assist Review: Pros and Cons

  • Easy to toggle between remote support and unattended access from the same user menu.
  • Large organizations come with white-label options. 
  • The free plan accommodates access to five unattended computers.
  • Zoho’s pay-as-you-go plans are affordable with monthly and yearly plans.
  • Service plans are available so that you can choose one that suits your business requirements and budget.
  • Provides various customizations and add-on features.
  • Zoho Assist integrates with third-party applications and other Zoho programs.
  • There is a lag or data break up while transferring large files.
  • Advanced features need a plan upgrade.
  • Mobile functionality is not available in the standard remote support plan.
  • Unattended access plans are limited to 25 computers per account. 


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Bottom Line

Zoho Assist is a great tool that provides businesses with comprehensive support for any type of industry of any size. The platform is highly recommended for small businesses with support technicians who require both remote support and unattended access in a single dashboard. The support team is available via chat, text, or video to assist clients during live sessions. 

The tool may be slightly difficult for businesses with a large customer base or devices located in remote areas with poor internet connectivity. Based on the affordable pricing plans and features you enjoy per unit cost, Zoho Assist is a worthy investment remote support software that gets your tasks done.


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