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Security threats caused due to remote work culture have forced business owners to look for reliable remote control software that is safe, yet affordable. So, if you have been fanatically looking up for the best free remote access software, then this is where your search ends. In this Teamviewer review, we will introduce you to one of the best free remote control software that offers better security and a multitude of other useful features.

We stress on security because ever since businesses shifted paradigms, and embraced the work-from-home culture, the number of RDP attacks have tripled. So, we understand the general sentiment among business owners and managers with regard to the new normal. Therefore, we explored some of the best remote access software and studied their technical capabilities. By the end of the study, we were convinced that Teamviewer is the perfect choice for both professional and personal use.

TeamViewer comes with a user-friendly interface and some amazing features that can help businesses cut back on their overall costs. Also, it comes with a bunch of screen sharing and conferencing tools that make it a perfect solution for businesses transitioning to the remote work culture. In this TeamViewer review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this remote control software and its innumerable features.

Is TeamViewer the Best Free Remote Access Software?

Teamviewer is a high-performance remote control software that is comparatively faster than most other remote access tools. Its low latency, interoperability across diverse platforms, and ease of use indeed make it one of the best free remote access software. You can also count on its highly redundant servers that ensure seamless connectivity. Moreover, TeamViewer also complies with some of the key requirements mentioned in the GDPR and the PCI DSS.


While that is all the good stuff about this software, we must admit that there are a couple of things you need to know. First off, Teamviewer’s free plan is available only for personal use, but in the case of commercial usage, businesses must pick a premium plan. Secondly, you need to have at least 3G internet connectivity to use this application. With that said, let us now jump into the core features of this remote access tool.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to abruptly transition from onsite to remote operations. As multiple employees would be connecting with the corporate network, externally, it expands the attack surface. The problem arises from the very minute your employees connect to their WiFis and begin data transmission. So, the only way to keep things going is through encrypted data transmission and that’s something you don’t have to worry about while using TeamViewer. This remote control software makes use of state-of-the-art architecture that’s designed for better performance and security.

TeamViewer’s redundant servers are strategically placed across a vast geography, but when it comes to storing confidential data, customers can opt for the ones located in Austria and Germany. Also, TeamViewer makes use of the DigiCert code signing certificate on all its applications, so if any changes made to the application, then the certificate no longer remains valid. Coming to sessions, all TeamViewer sessions are established through TCP and HTTPS, which makes them even more secure.  The HTTPS protocol is recommended under PCI DSS standards, GDPR, and other data security laws. Basically, it enables the secure exchange of data between the client and the server using public and private keys.

Cross-Platform functionality

Teamviewer is a platform-independent remote control software that can be used on most leading operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc… It can also be used for cross-device access, which makes it perfect for businesses providing tech support or making use of IoT devices. In other words, while you can connect a Windows PC to a Mac, you can also connect it to an Android phone or any other device that runs on the internet. Businesses such as restaurants and brick-and-mortar stores can, therefore, use it to monitor IoT devices and receive real-time alerts. That makes monitoring inventory a whole lot easier for businesses of all types.


Easy Customer Management

Businesses involved in offering customer support services can immensely benefit from ServiceCamp, Teamviewer’s in-built ticket management console. ServiceCamp automates receiving and classifying service requests based on the criteria you specify. So, if your business is growing and you wish to prioritize a particular category of requests then you can do that without making use of any additional tools. Moreover, ServiceCamp streamlines both e-mail and form-based service requests into a single dashboard. This makes it easier to quantify requests, assign them to team members, and even follow-up on their status. Your team members can even flag difficult requests and add notes so that a senior team member can look into those issues.

A Cost-effective alternative to VPN

Small and mid-sized businesses often try to find ways to avoid using Virtual Private Networks (VPN), which are expensive, slow, and in most cases not secure. As the VPN service provider continues to have access to your data, it is not entirely private and therefore, TeamViewer is designed to be more secure and cost-effective. As the data transmitted through TeamViewer is encrypted, it is much more secure and there is no possibility of a leak.

In fact, the encryption makes it impossible even for TeamViewer to access the data exchanged. For this reason, leading companies like GE Oil & Gas, ZNet, and several others use it as a substitute for field-visits. Basically, a VPN is used by employees to securely connect to their office PCs from remote locations. As the VPN re-routes the connection to segregate a specific network’s traffic from the public network, it adds an extra layer of security.

However, the re-routing process makes it slower and could hamper employee productivity and result in inferior customer experience. This is where TeamViewer comes in and ensures better security through the encrypted transmission of data, without slowing down the system. With a file transfer speed of 200 MB per second, TeamViewer is definitely a more productive alternative to VPN. Also, there is no limit on the size of the file transferred through this remote control software. Another core feature includes Wake on LAN, a feature that allows you to access computers and devices which are in sleep mode, by remotely starting them.

Custom Branding Options

You can easily customize TeamViewer’s module with your company’s logo, name, and even customize its color to reflect your brand’s identity. You can then integrate it on the support page of your website to offer customer support to your clientele. The QuickJoin module that lets you schedule meetings and QuickSupport module, which lets you extend support and collect feedback are also fully customizable. Once you have altered them according to your preferences, you can integrate them with other applications that your business might already be using.

Easy Collaboration

TeamViewer enables fluid team-level communication through its in-built capabilities such as audio-video communication, seamless screen sharing, and more. This makes it easier to work on joint projects with your teammates and is ideal for business processes such as software development, product research, etc… You can also collaborate with others and access the same remote computer, which makes it possible for multiple employees to work on the same workstation. This works extremely well while using licensed software applications.

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Detect Vulnerabilities and Fix them

No TeamViewer review can be complete without mentioning this tool’s ability to detect vulnerabilities caused due to outdated operating systems or third-party applications. You can not only detect vulnerabilities through TeamViewer, but also rectify them by deploying patches through TeamViewer’s Patch Management capability. Companies can even set up automated patching through TeamViewer and all of this can be done through a single central system.

So, despite working from different locations, your IT Helpdesk team and your other employees can connect with each other’s systems. This would enable the IT Helpdesk folks to run prompt and timely updates for your entire workforce and reduce the risk surface. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of RDP attacks have increased. Quite a few attacks were launched on PCs than ran on Microsoft Windows, and this is despite the fact that Microsoft released patches to fix 49 vulnerabilities back in January 2020. Businesses that did not install these patches continued to remain vulnerable.


TeamViewer is one of the best free remote access software for personal use. However, if you wish to use it commercially then you would have to pick one of the three paid subscription plans. These plans are classified on the basis of team sizes. While the Business plan is ideal for consultants or very small teams, the other two plans are ideal for larger businesses. Let us now explore the three plans offered by TeamViewer.

Business License Plan

The Business license plan is a single user plan that allows the subscriber to carry out one session with up to 3 devices. Also, the user can move devices up to nine times every year, which is permitted to accommodate formatting of a device, or a change in device. This plan allows the user to control and manage up to 200 devices through a central device.

Price – Rs. 1399 per month for the annual plan

Core features

  • Allows 1 Licensed User
  • Allows up to 5 participants in meetings
  • Lets the User manage up to 200 devices

Add-ons available

  • TeamViewer Remote Management – Useful in monitoring, protecting, and backing-up device information.
  • Support for Mobile Devices
  • Service Camp
  • TeamViewer Pilot

Premium License Plan

This is a multi-user plan that is ideal for smaller teams or businesses with limited requirements. It allows up to fifty licensed users, but only one user can use it at a time to open a remote session.

Price – Rs. 2650 per month for the annual plan

Core features

  • Allows 50 Licensed Users
  • Allows up to 15 participants in meetings
  • Lets the User manage up to 300 devices

Add-ons available

  • Everything available with the Business License Plan
  • Extra Concurrent Users

Corporate License

This plan is ideal for larger teams that provide remote support to customers on an ongoing basis. Also, it allows a maximum of 3 users to simultaneously open one session each. This is the only plan that allows mass deployment to extend support and ensure compliance.

Price – Rs. 6250 per month for the annual plan

Core features

  • Allows 200 Licensed Users
  • Allows up to 25 participants in meetings
  • Lets the User manage up to 500 devices

Add-ons available

  • Everything available with the Single User Plan
  • Extra Concurrent Users


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Final Conclusion

As we wrap-up this TeamViewer review, we’d like to remind you of the upsurge in RDP-related security breaches ever since the remote work culture has become the new normal. This clearly highlights that cybercriminals have been getting more creative with the change in the attack surface. However, it is essential for businesses to overcome these hurdles and secure their network with the right security solutions. This is where remote control software like TeamViewer comes handy and makes the transition secure, cost-effective, and convenient.

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